Meet your Maker

McKenna Blades is owned and operated by OIF/OEF Veteran Lawrence McKenna. 

Lawrence grew up camping with his family in the forests of NM and CO. His passion for the outdoors and ruggedness of self-reliance led him to joining the US Army not long after High School. For 17 years he served honorably in uniform with multiple combat deployments and as a deployed contractor.

It is his mission to make high quality and unique knives using steels that have stood the test of time while paying homage to time old traditions of American knife making. 

My Promise

I’ll only work with the best American Made materials I can source. This also means that if you request specific materials that I am not familiar with, I cannot guarantee the durability of those materials. From what I have learned as a knife maker there is an overabundance of materials available. It's easy to find something that will look the way a customer wants, but harder to find them in good quality.  I guarantee my knives for Life, to be free of defects in materials and craftsmanship. With that said, everything has parameters for its use. When something is used well outside its specified parameters, consequences occur. A knife is no different than any other tool. Weather it be a tool for fixing your kids bike, your car, wood working, plumbing, etc. In the end, a knife is meant to cut, nothing more.