McKenna Blades 20 oz Tumbler

McKenna Blades 20 oz Tumbler


Like many others, my day can get out of control, priorities shift and before I know it my Hot or Cold beverage has been sitting on the work bench for a few hours. It’s nice to come back and find my coffee is still Hot, or my ice Cold beverage still crisp cold. Even though you may never put this tumbler through its paces as I have, know that it is 100% a Working man’s tumbler and will hold up to almost anything you throw at it (except hand-grenades, those will break it).

Like many of the top tier tumblers, Rtic tumblers are made from 18/8 double walled, vacuum insulated Stainless Steel. The see trough lid has a flip top closure that is splash proof and includes a slot for a straw. It fits in every cup holder I’ve encountered.

These bad boys HOLD ICE FOR 24hrs, beverages COOL for 60 hrs and hot stuff hot for 12hrs! (which is kind of amazing considering the price.)

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